Voice Messaging.

Single Tap Messaging for Android and Apple iOS

Quikey Features

Unlike most messaging apps Quikey focuses on your voice. Be Heard!

Easy to Use

Sending voice messages to friends, families, co-workers, groups or teams is now just a tap or two away.

Audio for Android & iOS

Finally, a simple voice messaging solution that truly connects Android & iOS users.

Quikey Inbox

Important messages will not disappear forever after being played! You choose which messages you delete or save for playback later.

Favorites - for Everything

Easily organize and re-order favorites to make sending Quikeys, Texts, E-Mails - even calling - easier than ever before.


Never fear Quikey uses end to end 256-bit encryption on every message - and a secure cloud.

No Invites Required

Send a voice message to anyone with a mobile number, whether phone or tablet, Android or iOS, even Blackberry and Windows phones.

Why Quikey?

We’ve all been there - hands full, pressed for time or otherwise occupied - but we need to get an important message out in a hurry.

We built Quikey for the moments when a text, call or email just isn't easy enough.

Now, with just a tap or two, you can send a crystal clear recorded audio message to anyone in the world.- and it's more than 10 times faster than sending a simple text - but with the rich context and emotion of your actual voice. It’s messaging done right.

Be Heard

Voice messaging is fast. Voice messaging is easy. Voice messaging is crystal clear. Quikey changes the world of voice messaging - by delivering:

  • A quick and reliable messaging solution
  • Your favorite contacts - sync’d with your address book & easily organized.
  • Messaging for everyone - you don’t even have to download the Quikey app to listen to a message
Plus - Quikey delivers users a secure message inbox - accessible only on your device. Whether it's a simple hello from a friend, a congratulations from a colleague, or a loved one singing happy birthday - you choose when you get rid of your messages - not us.

How Quikey Works

Setting up and using Quikey is easy.

  • Download the app.
  • Sign in with your name and mobile number. (No usernames, emails or passwords needed)
  • Add favorites with a single tap, add as many as you want.
  • Tap and hold on a favorite profile icon to record a message.
  • Release to send.
  • To play a message, just tap the play button - then swipe to save or delete.

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